Niagara Peninsula Energy warns of new scams

Beware of phone, email or text messaging scams asking for NPEI bill payments Beware of phone, email or text messaging scams asking for NPEI bill payments

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. is the focus of a new scam in the Niagara region.

The company has been notified that customers have received threatening phone calls from individuals claiming to represent the power company.

In the phone calls, the caller threatens to shut off power to customer homes if they do not make a payment immediately.

NPEI notes that this is not a normal protocol for payment notices and disconnection of power.

If you receive a call of this nature, here is how to know if it is legitimate:

  • Power will not be disconnected without proper notice. It comes as a written notice and then a phone reminder 48 hours later.
  • Legitimate bill payments are not made by calling a 1-800 number or through an electronic transfer link sent by email or text message.
  • NPEI does not conduct door-to-door sales or solicitation.
  • It does not accept Bitcoin or other alternative forms of payment (e.g. gift card).
  • Threatening language is not used by NPEI when speaking to customers.
  • NPEI doesn’t communicate with its customers about account issues via text messages.
  • If the caller uses inaccurate account numbers or if you receive suspicious invoices, this may be part of the scam.

If you are unsure that you are speaking to a NPEI representative, do not provide any personal or account information. Do not make payments over the phone, through email or via a text message or at the door.

Scammers may also attempt to try to gain access to your home for an inspection or installation. If you are not already expecting a visit or have made an appointment, NPEI advises customers not to let them in.

Niagara Peninsula Energy Service Area Map
Niagara Peninsula Energy Service Area Map

Scammers may also try to access information through links sent by text and email. Do NOT click suspicious links that advertise a refund or rebate. Also avoid those that ask for electronic transfers, or that come from an unknown email.

To report a scam, contact NPEI at 905-356-2681 or email [email protected]

If you suspect a scam you can also report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. and to Call your local police department if you have sent or paid payments that you believe is part of a scam.

Niagara Peninsula Energy serves customers in Lincoln, West Lincoln, Pelham and Niagara Falls.

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