$400K loss in West Lincoln house fire

Firefighters battled a house fire early Monday morning in West Lincoln, but despite a significant response from fire crews from both West Lincoln and Pelham, the home was destroyed.

West Lincoln fire was dispatched at 1:52 a.m. Sunday morning to a single-family home at 3648 Twenty Mile Rd. in West Lincoln.

“Flames were through the roof upon arrival of the first (firefighter) units,” said West Lincoln Deputy Fire Chief Tim Hofsink.

The house is home to a family and children, however, no one was home when the blaze started. There were no injuries or fatalities. The family pets were not harmed.

Firefighters from West Lincoln Station 1 and from Pelham Stations 1, 2, and 3 responded. Despite the large firefighter response, the home could not be saved. The fire caused a loss of $400,000.

“Crews did a great job in suppressing the fire, unfortunately, the house was beyond saving due to the extent of the fire spread within the home prior to the fire being detected and reported,” said Hofsink, who added that there was excellent cooperation between Pelham and West Lincoln units that “ensured a safe and efficient response.”

The property is located in the eastern area of West Lincoln where an automatic response agreement is present with the Pelham Fire Department.