Grimsby duo win Juno for Children’s Album of the Year

Grimsby residents Adam Goddard and Warren Brown received a Juno award for children’s album of the year.

The duo grew up in Grimsby and rekindled their friendship in 2008/2009, while living as roommates.

Brown told the Grimsby Lincoln News that “When we came back together, we had stories to tell about childhood.” They realized that their upbringing in Grimsby gave them shared experiences, childhood stories, and allowed them to develop a similar sense of humor. All of which contributed to the start of their collaboration.

The award-winning work called Big Block Singsong, Greatest Hits Vol. 4 consists mainly of animated stories with characters singing a song. Music is composed by Goddard and animation was created by Brown.

The award was announced virtually last month. Brown found out about the Juno win first reading Twitter while sitting in his living room.

Over the last 10 or so years, the pair have created 86 songs. Their work has been broadcast on CBC Kids in Canada, Disney Jr. in the United States and Nick Jr. in the United Kingdom.

The performers have been nominated previously in 2016 and 2018.

About the album:

The Juno Awards website called the album “a hilarious and thoughtful series of animated music videos by director and animator, Warren Brown and composer and recording artist, Adam Goddard.”

The videos have had over 15 million views on YouTube. The music tracks have been streamed more than 7 million times on the music platform Spotify.

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