Large police presence in Lincoln connected to marijuana grow operation

Marijuana plants growing Marijuana plants growing in a greenhouse - file photo

There was a large police presence around an apparent marijuana grow-op facility Thursday in the Jordan Station community of the town of Lincoln. 

OPP and Niagara Region Police were on-scene in a joint operation at Northend Gardens in Lincoln. Police cars were also parked outside of two neighbouring homes. It’s unclear if they were engaging residents inside the homes.

Police are limiting comments about the activity at this time. However, OPP spokesperson Detective Jim Walker told the Niagara Info: “I can only say this is an ongoing investigation at this time with no risk to public safety. We will be in a position to discuss more next week.”

OPP Detective Jim Walker
OPP Detective Jim Walker – photo credit: OPP

Walker is the Deputy Director of the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Neighbours have complained that unpleasant odours that they say have come from the building, located at 4030 Fifteenth St., Jordan Station, in recent weeks.

According to the website “Northend Gardens is owned and operated by Ted and Carrie Oorsprong. It was established in 1990 on a 15-acre farm. We currently have 200,000 square feet of greenhouses. Our employee base is 7 full time and 30-40 seasonally in spring.”

Northend Gardens map
Northend Gardens location in Jordan Station on Google Maps