Lincoln receives $146K funding to help create town as a tourist destination

Hildreth Farm Market Lincoln's Hildreth Farm Market is one of the many businesses that will benefit from the town's plan to make Lincoln a tourist destination

The Town of Lincoln has received $146,000 in federal funding to help the area’s tourism sector recover and re-build from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and become a tourist destination.

The funding which supports a town tourism plan for 2020-2025 is sourced from the Government of Canada’s Regional Relief Recovery Fund, and administered by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.

Lincoln town council approved the new plan June 29. It aims to make Lincoln become a leading tourist destination. The west Niagara town is home to dozens of wineries, bed and breakfasts and natural attractions. The strategy includes attracting local and private investors, offering services and events that encourage tourist visits, improving marketing strategies, as well as addressing town priorities.

Lincoln mayor Sandra Easton
Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton

The town will also work with the Twenty Valley Tourism Association (TVTA) to re-envision the destination marketing organization, which is an integral part of the new action plan. The role of a destination marketing organization is to help develop long-term travel and tourism strategies designed to attract and entice investors, partners, and visitors. Creating this will allow the town to become more involved in the tourism strategy and work towards making it more Lincoln-focused.

“I think it’s truly essential that we move forward and find the most effective mechanisms for not only attracting people here but also making it a great place to live and visit,” said Sandra Easton, Mayor of Lincoln.

Easton said the project includes creating signage so that people can easily find their way around the area, as well as ensuring good quality of roads…so that people can move safely throughout the town.

“The town has a role to play in marketing the whole town and making it appealing to people who want to come down here to visit and also for people who want to live here, because we have a lot of excellent amenities, good schools, a great community, and more – it really is a whole package,” added Easton.