Lincoln’s AgriTech hackathon is going virtual

Robotic farm The AgriTech Hackathon is a contest that seeks to solve agricultural problems with innovation and technology.

The AgriTech Hackathon, which encourages the development of high-tech solutions to farm and eco-tourism problems, is going virtual this year.

The innovation event, hosted by the Town of Lincoln and Spark Lincoln, is in its second year. It’s mission is to examine technological problems, challenges, or concerns in the agricultural, horticultural, and eco-tourism industries and come up with possible solutions. This year, the focus is on helping businesses that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic recover financially.

Starting Nov. 6, and running over 48 hours to Nov. 8, this year’s teams will examine problems in the sector and come up with solutions. These are then discussed, and top participants are rewarded prizes.

The AgriTech Hackathon was created in 2019, with a goal to bring rural and urban communities together to help solve issues facing agricultural sectors.

Last October’s inaugural hackathon tackled challenges in the following topics: Production and environment, pest and diseases, ecotourism and sustainability, Infrastructure, and soil erosion and depletion. The event drew 15 teams from across Ontario.

How to register for AgriTech Hackathon 2020

You can register for the event on the AgriTech Hackathon website at

The hackathon caters to two levels of participants: Students (Grade 7-12) and post-secondary and professional. Pre-registration is currently open and live registration opens Aug. 24. Participants can register in teams of four. Individual entrants are placed in a team of four.

You can also register to become a sponsor or become a mentor.

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