Live-work housing development completed in Beamsville

A live-work housing development called Centreville in Beamsville is complete and ready for residents.

On July 16, Homes By DeSantis and members of the town of Beamsville celebrated the completion of the development, which consists of townhomes for residential and commercial use. It is located in central Beamsville on Serena Drive at Ontario Street.

Centreville is located in central Beamsville on Serena Drive, off Ontario Street. It is in close proximity to popular community hubs in the town such as the ice rink and library.

The Centreville installment is the last part of the development of the Lincoln Square community, which began construction in 2012. Thereafter residential homes — including Lincoln Square, Fiera, and Centre Square –added 44 residential units to the development, bringing the total number of homes to 252. The entire project will house 800 new residents in the area.

During the unveiling, Gabriel DeSantis, president of Homes By DeSantis, explained that lower prices for the new townhomes were made possible thanks to grants from the Community Improvement Plan.

Town staff also recognized the value of these developments. Chair of Lincoln’s planning and development committee, Paul MacPherson called the great investment in the downtown area. Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton believes said it could be a model for other projects in Beamsville.