New low-cost cremation service that can be requested at click of a button

Mallory Greene, CEO, Eirene Mallory Greene, CEO, Eirene, a new cremation services business that has expanded into the Niagara region

Originally published in The Bench News, a low-cost cremation services company has expanded into the Niagara region.

The company calls its offering “an online cremation and end-of-life technology platform”.

Eirene clients use the platform to arrange cremation services at the time of passing. The online experience eliminates the back-and-forth paperwork and time-consuming process traditionally associated with the funeral industry.

Once confirmed online, Eirene works with local crematorium and transfer partners across Ontario to ensure the deceased are safely transported from their place of passing, cremated, and the ashes returned to their families.

An Eirene cremation service is available for a one-time fee of $2,500. The platform also offers a complimentary estate administration tool for families to close accounts and notify the government along with unlimited proof of death certificates.

Eirene launched in November of last year in the Greater Toronto Area. It is quickly growing to provide more Canadians with its simple, affordable and convenient cremation arrangement services.

Besides Niagara area communities, it has also expanded to areas that include Kingston, Simcoe and London. 

“We built Eirene with a conviction that Canadians need a trusted partner and seamless online service to manage cremation arrangements for their loved one’s passing,” said Mallory Greene, CEO, Eirene.

“In the few months since making our platform available, we served more families than anticipated, demonstrating Canadians need a dramatically different service to support them in their loved one’s passing.”

The most recent Auditor General’s report highlighted a critical need for transparency in pricing and a standardization of how services are offered to consumers, particularly within the context of the COVID19 pandemic.

Eirene, which is licensed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO), is the first platform of its kind in Canada to address these industry issues. Eirene offers a path forward through transparent service offerings and flat fee pricing.

“Consumers are ready for the funeral industry to move forward digitally,” said Faisal Abid, CTO, Eirene. “Eirene makes it easy to speak to  our Funeral Directors and make the appropriate arrangements online.  Through the simplicity of the platform, combined with our expertise and care, we offer our clients peace of mind and let them focus on their family.”