Niagara Public Health now reporting vaccine doses delivered in new COVID-19 data dashboard

Niagara region COVID-19 data dashboard A new COVID-19 web dashboard has been launched by Niagara Region Public Health

An update to the Niagara Region COVID-19 web dashboard on Thursday gives it a new look and now reports vaccine data in the region.

The new COVID-19 data reporting tool available here improves on the previous interactive tables and charts that were deployed by NRPH making it clearer to see who is infected. The visualization tool drastically improves on the previous dashboard. It reports cases by city and town in a visual case count graph showing active cases and resolved cases as well as infection rate by municipality.

Vaccination data for Niagara Region

On a new vaccinations page, it reports vaccine dose counts administered by Niagara Region Public Health in the region. Today it was 142 doses.

It does not include doses administered by Niagara Health, which is the region’s health network which includes hospitals. It separately reported doses administered for 108 long-term care home workers and 70 hospital staff and physicians.

Niagara Region Public Health also tracks wasted doses (so far zero). It shows a percentage of delivered doses by facility. That includes long-term care homes 6.3 per cent, high-risk retirement homes (0 per cent), and high-risk community living facilities (0 per cent).

It names the facilities by name. So far 93.1 per cent of residents at Garden City Manor in St. Catharines have been immunized and 100 per cent of residents at Gilmore Lodge in Fort Erie. The data shows 6.3 per cent of long-term care homes in the region.

Epidemiology data for Niagara Region

It also shows graphs to easily display epidemiology data that is easy to understand thanks to all new visualization graphics. Of note, it shows per cent of intensive care unit beds occupied as well as ICU beds with ventilators occupied in the region.

A provincial benchmark page available here shows how the region’s data is evaluated against provincially set thresholds include how that measurement fits into the provincial color tiers in its COVID-19 framework.

The region is in a provincial lockdown and under a stay at home order, however, most of the Niagara Region case virus spread and containment data shows it should be in the red-control tier. Its health system capacity data – which includes hospital bed and ICU occupancy — however shows green tier measurements.

There is a lot more data for anyone who is looking for a deep dive on what is going on with regard to COVID-19 data in the region.