Niagara Region adds community safety zones, doubles fines

New community safety zones in Niagara region New community safety zones in Niagara Region are design to make school zones safer

The Niagara Region has doubled fines in newly designed community safety zones in Grimsby, West Lincoln, and other Niagara school areas on regional roads.

While driving in these designated areas, the rules of the road do not change, but fines for violations, such as speeding, are doubled. The strategy is to reduce speeding and distracted driving.

The zones selected have safety concerns or an elevated number of complaints near sensitive areas such as schools, retirement homes, and daycares.

Example of a sign marking a community safety zone.

When choosing a site, the Region looked at the number of safety and speeding complaints at a location. They also considered the percentage of students and families walking to and from school in the zone. And they also used speeding study results and number of violations.

Community safety ones are designed to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the area. New signs will alert drivers that they are entering and leaving zones where the Highway Traffic Act has been modified.

The new zones become effective Sept. 8 coinciding with the first week of school. Police enforcement in the zones starts the week of Sept. 21.

Last year, the Niagara Region tested the zones at two schools on regional roads, but have now added 10 more locations.

All the zones are outlined below. Click the links for maps of the zones.

Lincoln community safety zones

West Lincoln community safety zones

Grimsby community safety zones

More community safety zones in the Niagara Region:

Niagara Region staff and Niagara Regional Police will launch an education and awareness week from Sept. 8 to Sept. 20. Enforcement will begin the following week.

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