Niagara Region administered 35 infractions to businesses

Inspector The Niagara Region has issued 35 fines for COVID-19 infractions to businesses. Photo credit:

The Niagara Region issued 35 fines to businesses for infractions under provincial COVID-19 emergency regulations.

Between Sept. 18 and Nov. 28, bylaw officers conducted 251 inspections in businesses across the region to ensures the following COVID-19 regulations under the Reopening Ontario Act.

In addition to the 35 fines issued, officers also issued 48 formal warnings and conducted 178 educational conversations. 32 of the fines were for $750 each, three of the infractions would have been fined at a higher rate.

These inspections are part of the region’s efforts to keep residents safe during the pandemic. Overall, the majority of residents and businesses are following the regulations, the Region’s advisory said.

To complement the inspections, the region is also partnering with a provincial team in a three-day education and enforcement campaign across Niagara. From Dec. 14-16, provincial offence officers will visit local businesses to educate them on how to operate safely and comply with COVID-19 guidelines. Some businesses are also required to develop a COVID-19 safety plan for their workplace, which officers provide feedback on during the campaign.

Residents can submit complaints regarding COVID-19 measures at an establishment, by contacting local their municipality’s by-law office or calling Niagara Region’s dispatch line after hours at 905-984-3690 or 1-877-552-5579.  

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