A Cherry of a Weekend

A 7 liter basket of sweet cherries getting quite full

Pick Your Own Cherries in Beamsville

The summer warmth is making it ideal for cherry picking in Beamsville.

Hundreds of cherry pickers turned out at Hildreth Farms over the weekend for the farm’s Pick Your Own Cherries experience.

The onsite parking was overflowing with more than 50 cars Sunday, with families, many with young children in tow, plucking cherries from the orchard’s trees.

“Take a basket. The darker cherries are sweeter. Don’t pick the leaves. And don’t forget to socially distance,” said one of the Hildreth Farms staff member at the check in on-property. “And have a good time!” she added.

Sweet cherries and sour cherries trees are available to pickers. And, many of the cherries are reachable from the ground by both adults and children, although ladders are provided to reach the higher fruit.

The farm charges pickers $25 per 7 litre basket of cherries, plus $2.50 for the basket. Or leave the basket for reuse and take the cherries home in a provided plastic bag.

In June, the farm also offers Pick Your Own Strawberries.

Hildreth Farms’ Pick Your Own Cherries

The Pick Your Own Fruit experience is available on the backside of Hildreth Farms at 4685 Durham Rd, Lincoln, just off Hwy 8 in Beamsville. Phone: 905-563-4423. Email: [email protected]
Or visit the web: Hildrethfarms.ca.

Cherries are in season in July.
Strawberries are in season in June.

Mon-Fri: 8am to 6pm
Sat-Sun: 8am to 5pm

Additional information:
Free parking. Debit/credit machine on site.
Farm market is open 7 days per week from June to late October.