Police warn Ontario businesses about new explosive device email hoax

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received several reports earlier this week of threatening emails sent to businesses across Ontario.  

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt shared in a video posted on OPP social media sites that the emails claimed there was an explosive device planted on business property. In order for this device to be removed, a Bitcoin payment must be made to a special account belonging to the email author.

Schmidt goes on to share that officers have investigated these claims and have not found explosive devices on any of the business properties who received the email.

“We have officers and support members ready to respond in case of a critical incident, but at this point, the claims of explosive devices planted on these buildings does not appear to be credible, they appear to be completely frivolous in nature,” said Schmidt.

OPP has seen these types of claims in the past and believes there is no current threat to public safety. Nonetheless, it says it will continue to monitor the situation and update the public on new information if it arises.