Two Wainfleet Town Hall employees test positive for COVID-19

Wainfleet Town Hall Two town halls employees tested positive for COVID-19.

The Township of Wainfleet confirmed that two administrative employees at its town hall have tested positive for COVID-19, triggering the town to scale back some activities.

The employees are in self-isolation and Niagara Public Health is working on contact tracing. The employees did not get infected at work.

Nonetheless, the town is “taking no chances,” said Wainfleet town manager William Koalsa. Many employees have been sent for testing to aid in contact tracing and to ensure the town is following public health guidelines and protocols.

“We’ve been planning for a possible ‘second wave’ scenario and it has happened right here at home, despite our best efforts. We are taking steps to contain the situation and ensure the continuation of services to the public,” said Wainfleet Mayor Kevin Gibson

Some town hall activities and businesses have been affected by the confirmation of these cases. Public, open sessions of the council are likely to move back to online, and Tuesday’s meeting to discuss the Central Fire Hall project is postponed. No alternative date has been set.

The Wainfleet Public Library has also decided to change its services following announcement.

Early this month, the library re-opened in-person services including browsing and computer use after months of being open solely for curbside pick-up. The library announced today that it will be moving back to curbside pick-up only “out of an abundance of caution.”

Further changes to structure and format of council business be decided on a case-to-case basis and adjusted as the situation unfolds.