West Lincoln firefighters donate over $2K to Smithville youth centre

West Lincoln firefighters donate funds to FORT Smithville West Lincoln firefighters donate funds raised in their boot drive to Taylor (centre) who is from FORT Smithville

Firefighters from the West Lincoln Fire Department have donated $2,180 to the Foundation of Resources for Teens Youth Centre in Smithville. 

The money was raised last fall during a boot drive, which is where firefighters pass a boot and ask for donations.

The funds were collected in 2019, but were not donated until this year due to COVID-19 concerns. “COVID held up our plans,” said Tamara Clark, President of the West Lincoln Firefighters Association. “We wanted to wait for warmer weather for a photo, but then COVID ruined that!” she added.  

The donation of the funds is not the only thing impacted by the pandemic. The boot drive may be put on hold for this year. “We try to do it annually for different charities, however, I don’t think we’re going to do it this year due to COVID,” said Clark.

The donations will help FORT keep their programming free for the youth of Smithville. FORT is a not-for-profit organization that offers free programming, activities, and services to youth in the area. It is a place in town where youth can just hang out or take part in organized activities, like baking and unorganized activities, like video games. FORT also offers services like job search assistance, mental health counselling, life skills workshops, and more.

Learn more:
FORT website: https://www.thefortyouthcentre.com