West Niagara to start the New Year with freezing rain

Weather updates for West Niagara A wet and possible freezing rain start to the New Year s expected for West Niagara

It looks like the beginning of 2021 will be welcomed with freezing rain, with 10-15 mm of rain headed for West Niagara on Friday.

The freezing rain potential is associated with a low-pressure system moving north from Texas. The timing and length of the freezing rain periods is uncertain at the moment but is likely to begin New Year’s Day during Friday afternoon or early evening and should transition to rain or snow later in the night.

Light rain is expected to continue into Saturday, with light snow or mixed precipitation expected on Sunday.

New Year’s Eve forecast

Luckily, West Niagara is expected to have relatively sunny and clear skies tonight on New Year’s Eve.
Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Pelham, and Wainfleet had partly sunny skies Thursday, and they are expected to continue into the afternoon, with mainly clear skies in the evening and cloudy periods overnight.

There are slightly higher temperatures expected Thursday afternoon ranging from 1 C to 2 C (-2 C to -3 C with the wind chill), but this is expected drop Thursday night with temperatures ranging from -2 C to -6 C (-4 C to -10 C with the wind chill).

New Year’s Day forecast

The rain isn’t expected to start until the new year begins after midnight Thursday. According to the Weather Network, Grimsby, Lincoln and Wainfleet can expect up to 10-15 mm of rain, while West Lincoln and Pelham can expect approximately 10 mm, starting Friday evening and continuing overnight and into Saturday.

On Friday temperatures are expected to be similar to Thursday ranging from 1 C to 2 C (-3 C to -4 C with the wind chill).

Rain is expected to start Friday afternoon or evening and continue into Saturday morning, with the majority of rainfall occurring overnight with an accumulation of about 10 mm in Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Pelham and Wainfleet.

Ice pellets are also possible for Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln and Pelham on Friday (~ 1 cm), while a chance of showers is forecasted for Wainfleet.

Weekend forecast

In most areas, rainfall will lessen going into Saturday. Light rain is expected for Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Pelham and Wainfleet predominantly in the morning, with an approximate 24-hour accumulation of 1-4 mm.

Expect temperatures to remain in the negatives or low positives, with temperatures ranging from 2 C to 3 C on Saturday and Sunday (feeling like 0 to -2 C with the wind chill).

For Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Pelham, and Wainfleet, light rain and potential for flurries are also expected on Saturday (1-3 mm, <1 to ~1 cm).

Snow or mixed precipitation is expected for West Niagara on Sunday, with West Lincoln and Pelham forecasted to get 1-3 cm (~1 mm) and Grimsby, Lincoln, Wainfleet expected to get ~1 cm (~1 mm).