Grimsby, Ontario FAQ

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Is Grimsby close to Hamilton?

Yes Grimsby borders Stoney Creek which is a community in south Hamilton. To get to Hamilton you can either drive west on the QEW highway and you’ll cross into Hamilton within about 10 minutes. The drive from downtown Grimsby to downtown Hamilton takes approximately 29 minutes. It is about 30, 36 or 43 kilometers by road depending on which route you take betwnee the two communities.

How far is Grimsby, ON to Toronto, ON?

Grimsby is about 84 km from Toronto. It takes 58 minutes by car from Toronto in normal traffic conditions. You can also ride the GO Train from Grimsby GO Station to Union Station on a once per day round trip service.

Does Grimsby, ON have GO Train service?

Grimsby is a new experimental stop on the Lakeshore West GO Train line. One train per weekday leaves at 5:23am and returns 5:15pm. There is also limited weekend service. It is expected that Grimsby will become a permanent station on the route between Toronto and Niagara Falls by 2021.

What are average house prices in Grimsby, ON?

Like the rest of the Greater Toronto Area, house prices have risen rapidly in recent years. Currently prices range from around $400,000 to greater than $1-million. In June 2020, house price average were $596,000. An inventory of detached, semi etached and condos area available in the Grimsby market. There has been a community effort to stop development of condos and townhomes in area east of downtown Grimsby. House prices are greatest in two zones, along the waterfront and along the south part of town along the escrapement. Most affordable housing is found along or near the QEW highway.

What schools are available in Grimsby, ON

Grimsby has both public and Catholic elementary and high schools. It also offers French immersion options. Schools are generally well-rated. There are 7 public elementary schools operated by the District of Niagara School Board including:

  • Central Public School
  • Lakeview Elementary School
  • Grand Ave. Public School
  • Park Public School
  • Nelles Public School
  • Smith Public School.

There are 2 Grimsby high schools, including:

  • Grimsby Secondary School (public)
  • Blessed Trinity Secondary School (Catholic).

To learn more about Grimsby schools, see this info.

What post secondary education is available in Grimsby, ON

There are no community colleges or universities in Grimsby, ON. However, the town is close to Hamilton, ON which is home to MacMaster University and numerous community colleges, including Mohawk College. Brock University in nearby St. Catharines is about 20 minutes by car from Grimsby.

What is the ethnic mix and languages spoken in Grimsby, ON?

Like most of southern Ontario communities, Grimsby’s citizens are primarily of European descent. English speakers dominate the population. There is a smaller contingent of bilingual English and French speaking households (6%).

What is the population in Grimsby, ON?

Grimsby is home to 27,314 residents according to the 2016 census. More than 20% of the town’s population is aged 65 or older. However, Grimsby and the Niagara Region is in growth mode with transplants from the GTA moving to the area increasing numbers.