15 reasons to move to Grimsby Ontario

downtown grimsby ontario Downtown Grimsby Ontario a town in the heart of Niagara Region

Grimsby, Ontario, is a city on Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. The town is a hidden gem for anyone seeking the conveniences of modern living but with the vibe of a rural community. It features access to wineries, farm-fresh food, and it’s a short commute to Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo.

So if you’re looking for a new home away from the city, or closer to good wine and farm to table food, here are 15 reasons to move to Grimsby Ontario.

1. Farm fresh food

Grimsby, Ontario is located in the Niagara Region which is between 41-degrees and 44-degrees North latitude. It’s an area that experiences moderate temperatures during the spring and summer seasons. This makes it the perfect location for many farmers who grow a variety of produce and fruit. Locals enjoy an active apple season, cherry picking in July, and juicy peaches and sweet corn in August.

The moderating effects of Lakes Ontario and Erie, and the protective influence of the Niagara Escarpment, promote great air circulation, frost protection, and soils that deep and well-drained. It’s the perfect climate for farmers. Grimsby is a great home for anyone who appreciates farm-to-table food.

Every year Grimsby hosts a weekly Grimsby Farmers Market. The market features food from local farmers and products by area merchants.

2. Amazing wineries nearby

Grimsby is in the heart of Ontario’s Bench wine country. Many of the area wineries are award-winning. Niagara is on the same latitudinal band as Provence, the Chianti region of Italy, and California’s Mendocino Valley. This is why it’s also the perfect region for vineyards that make exceptional wines. There are over 88 wineries in the area. There are also craft breweries and spirit distillers. Some of the most popular wineries, breweries, and distillers in the area include:

3. Affordable housing

The median house price in Grimsby is $534,450. This is quite a bit less compared to the median house price in Toronto of $699,000.

4. Short Toronto commute

Grimsby is only a 55-minute commute via Queen Elizabeth Way to the city of Toronto.

5. Short Niagara commute

Grimsby is only a 28-minute commute to Niagara Falls and the U.S. border.

6. Rural living with city perks

Grimsby Ontario is home to 27,315 people. It’s a small city yet it has an intimate community vibe. The city features many local organizations and groups that locals can join to get in involved in the community or make use of the facility. They include the Grimsby Museum, the Grimsby Public Library, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, the West Niagara YMCA, Grimsby Peach King Centre.

Grimsby has a lovely downtown main street with restaurants and boutiques run by local merchants. There is also another great shopping and dining area known as Grimsby on the Lake, located at N Service Rd, Grimsby that’s close to newer condo developments.

Grimsby also boasts many of the same perks city dwellers enjoy. It’s close to big box stores like Costco, Real Canadian Superstore, Candian Tire, Sobeys and Lowes.

7. Sense of community

The population of Grimsby is only 27,315 so residents enjoy deeper sense of belonging to a tight-knight community. Its easy to get to know the local hot spots, the merchants who run them, and anyone can join various local groups. The community only has a handful of schools, so parents also can get to know their kid’s teacher. There is a sense of connection and belonging, but also enough privacy so that anyone can be involved but also have their own space and privacy.

8. Great restaurants

Residents have many exceptional restaurant choices. They can eat at local restaurants gastropub The Forty, Casa Toscana for authentic Italian, or The Judge & Jester for a classic English pub experience. There are also many fine dining restaurants at the wineries surrounding the area. Many of them serve farm-to-table gourmet cuisine. Locals can also head to familiar big brand restaurants like Kelseys or Turtle Jack’s.

9. Beach Community

Grimsby sits along the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Many residents live close to the water in an area called The Grimsby Beaches, which attract many visitors. The area features brightly colored cottages that were some of the earliest homes built in Grimsby. Tours run during the summer so visitors can explore the area and see the brightly colored cottage homes.

Many locals own kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and canoes. Grimsby locals can easily take advantage of the lake in the summer months. The beaches are also a lot less crowded than in most cities.

10. Friendly schools

Grimsby schools are under the jurisdiction of the Niagara District School Board. There are six primary schools in Grimsby and one Secondary school. There are two Catholic Primary Schools and one Catholic Secondary school. The schools have an intimate community vibe.

11. Gardener’s paradise

Many Grimsby homeowners are house and garden proud. Each year the city partners with The Grimsby Garden Club and holds a contest that votes for the best gardens. There are many homes in Grimsby with exceptional landscapes. This makes Grimsby one beautiful place to visit and live in.

12. Active Living

There are many trails along the escarpment that locals can explore. Grimsby residents have access to the the Bruce Trail. Only a short drive away is Balls Falls and Rockway Falls. There are also many local hiking groups that residents can join to make new friends, explore the region, and stay active.

According to a late 2019 report, Grimsby also has 33 small parks, 17 large parks and numerous green spaces, sport fields, parkettes, and trails.

13. Century homes

Grimsby is one of Canada’s oldest communities and one of the earliest settlements for the United Empire Loyalists. Many of the homes were built in the 1800s and early 1900s. These early homes have spectacular antique features such as crown molding, pocket doors, and coach houses on property. Some have historic plaques and are maintained to uphold their history.

14. Rich in history

Grimsby is one of the earliest settlements for the United Empire Loyalists. It was founded in 1790. Back then it was known as The Forty. Robert Nelles, a politician and later lieutenant-colonel in the War of 1812, was one of the town’s founders. His home still stands. Nelles Manor hosts guided tours, ghost tours, and events.

Grimsby was officially incorporated in 1876 and became a town in 1922. The community has gone through many changes. It was once a small rural village. Then later it became an central region for the manufacturing of farm machinery, hospital furniture, furnaces and other metal products. It is now a well-known area that contributes to Niagara Peninsula’s fruit-growing industry, as well as, a starting point for Niagara wine country.

15. Quick trip across the border

Grimsby has easy access to the U.S. border. Residents can easily visit Buffalo for a day of shopping. They can also fly out of Buffalo Airport and often snag cheaper flights and shorter airport line-ups.