Artist starts ‘working his magic’ on Beamsville alleyway mural project

Artist Dan Kozina Artist Dan Kozina was selected to paint murals in an alleyway in downtown Beamsville. Photo credit: BIA

Beamsville’s alleyway beautification project is underway with artist Dan Kozina implementing the design. The finish murals will be revealed at an official celebration at the end of September.

The commissioned project is part of Lincoln’s Downtown Bench Beautification Project. In August, a bid for proposals was held by the Beamsville Business Improvement Area (BIA). The organization was in search of a local artist, skilled enough to transform two walls of a public alleyway in downtown Beamsville.

Kozina fit the bill. He showcased his talents with a portfolio that included images of murals he created for Welland and Niagara Falls. Not only does he paint art on walls, but also traditional canvas, and the human body. Kozina is also a talented tattoo artist.

Stephanie Hicks, Executive Director of Downtown Bench Beamsville, told Niagara Info that Kozina’s artwork speaks for itself. “If you go to the alleyway you can see it is already super bold and vibrant. It’s way beyond anything we expected. We are excited to see what the final product is going to be,” she said.

Kozina provided renderings and consulted on the design with the BIA but the final product remains a surprise, although, a few curious people have peeked at the work in progress.

“We have to put a lot of trust in the artist. They might need to change things. They have the defined color palette in mind. As he’s working his magic down there, you can see his thought processes, as he’s trying to blend scenes,” said Hicks.

The mural will encapsulate many elements that define the Town of Lincoln. It will pay homage to agriculture in the area and the craft beverage industry. As well, it will feature important historical images that relate to the area.

The mural will also have built-in photo opportunities, so visitors can pose with the design. “Yesterday, he was creating butterfly wings that kids can stand against,” said Hicks.

Kozina will finish the work by the end of the month. Then the BIA will install lights so the mural will be illuminated at night. An official public unveiling is planned for the end of September. The specific date is still to be determined.

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