The creative mind behind the Beamsville mural in progress

Dan Kozina and Lucas Spinosa Lucas Spinosa , owner of Black Sheep Lounge, (left) and artist Dan Kozina (right) in front of the mural Kozina created for Spinosa, along with a painting Kozina did for his family.

As Beamsville awaits the unveiling of its new downtown mural, passers-by will surely see the vibrant illustrations in progress and may wonder who the talented artist is. His name is Dan Kozina.

Kozina has been commissioned to paint the mural as part of Lincoln’s Downtown Bench Beautification Project. In August, a bid for proposals was held by the Beamsville Business Improvement Area (BIA). Kozina submitted one, and quickly won over the selection committee. “His artwork speaks for itself,” said Stephanie Hicks, Executive Director of Downtown Bench Beamsville.

This is not Kozina’s first mural, though it is his biggest. More of his large-scale designs can be found on walls around Niagara and Welland. “This is, by far, the largest project I’ve worked on so far in my artistic career, but I’ve slowly been working towards bigger more meaningful mural opportunities…I’ve always wanted to work on something of this scale,” said Kozina.

Kozina is best known for his tattoo art, but painting has always been in his life. He enjoys working in multiple media. He says it helps him continue to master his craft. “(Painting) contrasts well to the precise challenges of tattooing. I usually work in an illustrative style in both my murals and tattoos. (Both media) use lots of color and contrast,” said Kozina.

The artist grew up in Niagara Falls and currently lives in the nearby city of Thorold. He travels to Beamsville often and has an affinity for the town. “I think what I love most has to be the people, and the surrounding community, along with the beauty of the area itself,” said Kozina.

Capturing the essence of Beamsville

The design will capture the essence of Beamsville by showcasing elements that make the area unique. Kozina will incorporate aspects of the region’s farm industry, wildlife, and wine culture, into his artwork. He’ll also paint iconic historical figures into the design.

alleyway will bae site of one of two murals in Beamsville
This Beamsville alleyway next to the Sassafras Coastal Kitchen & Bar in Beamsville is the site of
two murals designed to help beautify downtown Beamsville

Kozina said there will be hidden features too. These will be elements that people will uncover the longer they gaze at it. Unfortunately, Kozina has not provided any hints as to what those will be.

The support of locals has been encouraging to Kozina. “I’ve had nothing but support from the local community since I’ve started this painting. I feel the positive vibes have been a big part in the evolution of the project,” he said.

Once the mural is finished and spotlights are installed to illuminate it at night, the final product will be unveiled at an official ceremony.

In the meantime, the work continues in an alleyway adjacent to Sassafraz Coastal Kitchen and Bar at 4985 King St. in downtown Beamsville.