Grimsby Beach study launched to preserve cultural heritage and encourage future growth

Cottages at Grimsby Beach Cottages at Grimsby Beach. Photo: Peter K Burian

Grimsby’s town council has launched a five-phase study as an effort to establish guidelines that preserve the aspects of Grimsby Beach and seek feedback from residents in an area that continues to develop.

The study is called the “Grimsby Beach and Land Use Study”. It is examining the town territory that stretches from North of Lake St., between Baker Rd. North and Park Rd. North, to South of Lake St., between Grand Ave and Birchpark Dr.

According to the town’s website, the study is now in phase one. Following a walking tour that was held Oct. 24, online interviews with area stakeholders were planned and should be in process.

Niagara Info has reached out to Ward 1 councillors Reg Freake and Kevin Ritchie, via phone and email, for further comment, however they didn’t respond in time for publication. (We will update with comments, if they respond.)

The study was initiated by the Town so it can gather more information about the region and better understand how growth and development might affect the area’s natural heritage characteristics. The plan is to first assess, and then built a framework that will guide Grimsby’s vision for future growth while maintaining the cultural aspects of Grimsby Beach.

Evidence-based research, technical information, and engagement with community members will all be critical components in helping the Town develop its plan.

Since input from residents is key, public engagement acitivties have been set for each stage of the study. They are highlighted in the five-phase program of work below:

Public engagement events have been set for all five stages of the Grimsby Beach study.
Public engagement events have been set for all five stages of the Grimsby Beach study. Click for larger image.

Resident can find out more about getting involved by visiting the Grimsby Beach and Land Use Study page on the Town’s website or reach out to your Ward Councillor.

Niagara Info will update this article as the story develops.