Grimsby joins climate protection program

Grimsby Town Hall.

Grimsby town council has unanimously passed a resolution to join a municipal climate protection program. 

The Partners for Climate Protection program supports municipal government commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the corporate and community level. Grimsby joins over 450 communities across the country in the initiative and builds upon a network of cities and towns all working to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction and climate change goals.

“The entire community — including Council, Town staff, businesses and residents — has an essential role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Jeff Jordan. “Council asks everyone to join in and take action on climate change through everyday activities and choices.”

The PCP program provides structure and a commitment by the town to increase climate change and environmental sustainability action into the corporation’s policies, programs, operations and services.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) there is a need for a significant and structural reduction in carbon emissions in the next 11 years to avoid further economic, ecological, and societal losses due to the climate change crisis.

A news release issued by the Town of Grimsby said “Consequences attributed to the climate change crisis are already being seen in Grimsby, such as record-setting high lake levels, shoreline erosion, flooding of our parks and trails, extreme weather events, and the effects of Emerald Ash Borer and other invasive species on our local forests.”

The town advisory said it has already taken positive steps in making an impact including collaborating on the Niagara Adapts climate adaptation program, tree plantings, shoreline protection, public recycling, public transit investment, facility mechanical upgrades and LED lighting retrofits, and the purchase of an electric vehicle.