Lincoln skatepark and pump track to open in September

Lincoln’s new skatepark and pump track project Lincoln’s new skatepark and pump track project opening in September as first part of greater recreation plan.

Lincoln’s new skatepark and pump track project is nearing completion and is expected to open next month. 

It’s the first part of a $3,825,000 recreation project called Rotary Park, that was approved by town council in July 2019.

For this first phase, the town has been working with a design team and construction companies to get the skatepark and pump track project completed for its anticipated mid-September opening. 

The skatepark is a series of ramps and features designed for skateboarding. A pump track is a course with varying terrain and up and down features designed to be used by mountain bike and sport pedal bike riders.

Planning for construction began in September 2019 with New Line Skatepark Inc. as the design and build team. 

The design was completed in the early spring of 2020 and construction began in May 2020. Once construction and landscaping are completed, and the sod has taken, the park will be open for public use.  

Rotary Park Project integrated with Lincoln’s recreation master plan

The skatepark and pump track is the first phase of what Lincoln calls the Rotary Park Project. The objective was to improve and enhance the parks, recreation, and culture areas.  The project was streamlined after the creation of a town master plan that includes the renovation of green space outside of the Fleming Centre. 

“The green space is adjacent to our community centre and surrounded by residential housing. It is also very accessible and people can walk to it… so it was always on our list of green spaces to be developed,” said Shannon McKay, Director of Community Services for the Town of Lincoln. 

Consultation for the project began in 2016. Town staff surveyed residents to gauge interest in creating a skatepark. Of those surveyed, 95 percent were in support of the skatepark and 83 percent were in support of the pump track. 

In 2018, two public meetings were held at the Fleming Centre. During these meetings, residents were invited to provide input to the council on what they would like to see in the finished park, as well as provide design suggestions and ideas for a skatepark and pump track. 

In July 2019, town officials invited residents to a visioning session on the green space outside of the Fleming Centre. The session was designed to engage the public in project development. During the session, the town set up different stations showcasing potential parts of the park, such as different types of amenities that may be included. 

“We wanted to get people thinking about the possibilities and get their heads around the idea that it doesn’t just have to be swings. It could be so much more,” said McKay. 

The town used feedback from the meetings and sessions when designing the skatepark and pump track. It was also used in the creation of the park concept proof for the remainder of the park that was shared with residents this past week. 

The park concept proof can be found on the construction fence over the rotary park area. It is also shown below: 

Rotary Park Master Plan
Rotary Park Master Plan – click for larger image

The skatepark and pump track complete the sports component of Rotary Park. The remainder of the facility will include spaces catered to different demographics in the community. 

“Our whole vision is that we would design something for everyone,” explained McKay. 

At the centre of the park, a main shade structure is planned. It will be used for town camps and programming, and for public use. The park will also include amenities like junior and senior play equipment and areas, a fitness equipment area, a butterfly garden, walking paths, green space, and more. 

The next phase of the project runs into the fall. Detailed design and construction drawings will be sent out to industries and marketplaces to procure proposals. The town will evaluate these proposals in time for construction to begin in the spring of 2021. The goal is to have the entire park completed by the summer of 2021. 

Project funded by town, Rotary Club and private donors

The project was funded by the town, The Rotary Club of Lincoln, and private contributors. Lincoln received $100,000 from The Rotary Club of Lincoln, $86,000 from private contributors, and the remainder was funded from town coffers.

McKay and her colleagues are excited about the project and its future. “With the COVID pandemic, open spaces are really important. They’re important to health and well-being, socialization, and important for people to be able to take advantage of. We know that people want to get out and be active, and giving them a great creative, and innovative space to be able to do that is really important to us,” said McKay. 

More updates on the project can be found on the Town of Lincoln website: