Lincoln seeks mural artist for Beamsville beautification project

alleyway will bae site of one of two murals in Beamsville This Beamsville alleyway next to the Sassafras Coastal Kitchen & Bar will be the site of two murals designed to help beautify downtown Beamsville

The Beamsville Business Improvement Area is seeking a local artist or collective to help beautify two public alleyways in downtown Beamsville.

The project, which is part of the Downtown Bench Beautification Project, is seeking applications from mural artists, who must be residents of Lincoln, by the end of this week.

The search for talent was initiated by the Town of Lincoln in partnership with the BIA. One commission will be awarded to an artist who will paint two murals.

The first mural location is a 52 sq. m. (560 sq. ft.) space on the Action Print building at 4987 King Street in Beamsville.

The second site is a 44.6 sq. m. (480 sq. ft.) area across the alley on the building that contains Beamsville’s Sassafras Coastal Kitchen & Bar located at 4985 King Street.

Alleyway between Action Print (left) and Sassafrass (centre) in downtown Beamsville will be site of two murals.

Designs must capture the essence of the Town of Lincoln and downtown Beamsville. They must enhance the local scene by celebrating community spirit and showcasing what makes Lincoln unique. They must also attract people of all ages, genders, and races, and make great photo opportunities.

Each mural will be lit by spotlights at dusk so pedestrians can enjoy them. The lights will also improve safety in the downtown area.

The date for submissions ends this week on Aug. 20, 2020 at 4 pm. Lincoln residents who would like to enter can find all the information a Request for Proposal document, provided by the town.

The Niagara Region Public Realm Investment Program is funding the mural project. The program’s mission is dedicated to the beautification of Niagara’s Regional Roadway through arts and culture and the revitalization of main streets.