Ontario government investing an additional $381 million in funds for back-to-school

The Ontario government will invest an additional $381 million, on top of the nearly $900 million invested previously, to further support school reopenings in the fall.

Here is the break down:

Reopening plan implementation: $200 million

Of that $200 million, $100 million will be used to improve health and safety for students and employees during reopening. $30 million will be used to provide PPE in schools. $70 million will be used to hired additional educators as needed.

Student Transportation: $70 million

Of the $700 million, $44.5 million will support the Driver Retention Program (DRP) and $22.5 million will be for additional transportation needs to reduce the number of students on the bus.

Special education and mental health support enhancement: $12.5 million

This will be used to hire and train additional staff in these areas as needed.

Additional public nurses: $12.5 million

This will be used to hire and support up to 125 additional nursing positions. This is to help schools manage student health and well being in relation to COVID-19.

Remote learning: $36 million

These funds will be used to support virtual learning platforms and team for secondary and elementary learning. An additional $50 million will be set aside for future pandemic concerns, learning, and training. Funding for the second half of the school year, following December, will be announced later this year.

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