Open-air burning suspension lifted in Lincoln, West Lincoln and Grimsby

Open air burn ban lifted Fire ban is lifted in West Niagara communities

The open-air burning suspension put in place in early July has been lifted in the towns of Lincoln, West Lincoln and Grimsby.

The suspensions were implemented due to the dry weather conditions. Extreme heat and lack of rain increased the chance of the spread of fire, but the recent rain has made it safe to resume open-air burning practices.

In West Lincoln, a burn permit must be obtained whenever you plan to burn anything. You can get a permit at no cost by contacting the Fire Department at 905-957-3346.

In Lincoln, residents are unable to obtain open-air fire permits due to the Town Hall closure. So open-air burning can be done without a permit as long as rules and regulations for safe-open air fires are followed.

Grimsby has dropped its burn ban, but a permit is required for those planning an open-air burn. Burn permits are generally only given to people above the Niagara escarpment.

The rules for open-air burning vary in each city, but some general things to keep in mind when open-air burning include:

  • Ensure fires are small enough that you are able to control it without outside help
  • Ensure there is adequate space (at least 5 meters / 15 feet) between the fire location and any buildings, roads, wires, or flammable/combustible material
  • Fires must be attended at all times
  • Fires must be extinguished prior to leaving a fire location or site
  • Do not burn materials that are harmful to the environment or to humans (e.g. tires)
  • Be considerate of neighbours and wildlife when open-air burning

A full list of open air burn rules and by-laws for West Niagara communities can be found at the links below: