Get the shovels ready, snow forecast for West Niagara through Thursday

Weather updates for West Niagara Main Street West in Grimsby gets a dusting of snow Tuesday with more to come. Credit: Andy Walker

Don’t let the light coating of snow fool you, there is up to 5-10 cm headed for West Niagara Wednesday and into Thursday.

Into the weekend will be milder with temperatures above freezing that will hopefully melt any snow accumulation.

Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Pelham, and Wainfleet can expect scattered flurries this Tuesday overnight with more to come Wednesday.

It’s the top part of a weather system that will pummel the east coast of the U.S. Wednesday and early Thursday.

According to the Weather Network, Grimsby and Lincoln can expect up to 5-10 cm, while West Lincoln, Pelham and Wainfleet can expect approximately 5 cm starting this Wednesday, through to early Thursday morning.

Accuweather, however, predicted closer to 1-3 cm for Grimsby, Lincoln, and West Lincoln, with a light coating to 1 cm of snow for Pelham and Wainfleet. Either way, residents will need to get their shovels ready.

Snow is expected to start Wednesday afternoon and continue overnight, with the majority of snowfall occurring in the evening with accumulation of 2-4 cm.

In most areas, conditions will start to clear up on Thursday. Scattered flurries (<1 cm) are expected for Grimsby, Lincoln, and West Lincoln. It is forecasted to be mainly cloudy in Pelham and Wainfleet, with a 40 per cent chance of precipitation. Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the negatives ranging from -1 C to -2 C (-6 C to -9 C with the wind chill).

Friday is forecasted to be mainly clear and sunny, with temperatures around 0 to -1 C degrees across West Niagara.

Grimsby, Lincoln, and West Lincoln forecast for the weekend

Into the last weekend before Christmas, residents can expect temperatures to continue to rise slightly over the weekend, with Saturday and Sunday reaching temperatures of around 3-4 C (feeling like 0 to -1 C with the wind chill). Showers or mixed precipitation is expected on Saturday (<1 mm) with a mix of sun and clouds on Sunday.

Pelham and Wainfleet forecast for the weekend

Residents in Pelham and Wainfleet can also expect to see temperatures between 3-4 C (feeling like 0 to -1 C with the wind chill). Saturday will be mainly cloudy, with a chance of precipitation (<1 cm). On Sunday, Pelham can expect a mix of sun and clouds and Wainfleet can expect snow-rain showers (<1 mm of rain and <1 mm of snow).