Vandal strikes West Lincoln roundabout causing $7,500 in damage with 4×4 truck

Roundabout damage west Lincoln Roundabout damage in West Lincoln so damage to the centre island and tire track running off back onto the road. Photo: William Reilly

A vandal in a 4×4 truck appears to have intentionally caused $7,500 damage to a roundabout in West Lincoln early Saturday.

Niagara police said a Grimsby uniformed officer on general patrol on Hwy. 20 approaching the roundabout at South Grimsby Road 6 in West Lincoln came across the damage at 7:30 a.m. Saturday.

On investigating, the police officer, who works from NRPS’s Grimsby station, reported that the vehicle intentionally drove through the centre of the roundabout multiple times. “There were significant ruts, several young trees were toppled, and there appeared to be damage to an automatic irrigation system,” a police advisory said Sunday.

After hearing chatter about the damage to the roundabout online on the West Lincoln Rant and Rave Facebook group, West Lincoln Councillor William Reilly drove by the area to see it for himself (see his pictures above and below, along with two images from NRPS).

From all of the comments on Facebook, the roundabout was described as being in really bad shape, said Reilly. “I was at first in disbelief to what had happened, and I tried to comprehend what exactly took place. For a brief moment, I thought it might have been a multi-car accident.”

However, Reilly looked around the area and he realized the damage looked intentional.

“My disbelief went to anger and disappointment. How could someone, possibly an individual from our community, resort to this type of nonsensical behaviour?” he said.

Police believe the suspect’s vehicle may be a lifted 4×4 truck, which left the area southbound on South Grimsby Road 6.

A similar intentional drive-through of the roundabout may have also happened on Dec. 4 at around 2 p.m, police said after canvassing the area for witnesses.

Niagara police and Reilly urge anyone with information to contact police or Crimestoppers.
Contact police non-emergency line:(905)688-4111 x1009488 Refer to Case # 2020-118099

Crime Stoppers Niagara Line is: 1-800-222-8477

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