21 people on latest Niagara DUI offence list

Niagara police File photo

Twenty one people have been named on the latest Niagara police list of drinking and driving offences for the period of March 15-21. 

No one from West Niagara was on the list.

To bring attention and deterrence to driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, the Niagara Regional Police Service reports the names of people who are charged with an alleged criminal impaired driving offence in the Region.                                                                  

The following individuals have been charged criminally with impaired driving by alcohol or drugs, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 80 mgs or above of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, or refusing to provide a breath / blood sample.               

*Over approximately 3 weeks                 

Piotr Adam KONEFAL, 46, St. Catharines

Dustin M DELANGE, 36, Niagara Falls

Taylor Johnathan FENTON, 23, Thorold

Abram GUENTHER, 22, Niagara Falls

Dino LAVALLE, 43, Niagara on the Lake

Alexander COCKERILL, 28, Thorold

Samantha Emmeline Jean VOTH, 26, St. Catharines

Nicolas Walter SOLARI, 21, Milton

Shawn R PEARSON, 53, Niagara Falls

Susan CUVIELLO, 63, Niagara Falls

Nicholas RUTTE, 37, Feversham

Joseph Steven SARCINO, 38, Niagara Falls

Brian MCGUIRE, 56, Springwater

Douglas MILLER, 67, Welland

Juan Felipe BARRERA SANCHEZ, 28, London

Christopher Brian JURAS, 29, Niagara Falls

Jeremy Brian HAMM, 43 Years, Niagara on the Lake

Scott James REMPEL, 33 Years, Welland

Casey J FRANIC, 40 Years, Thorold

Mazin Tarig SHAKIR, 20 Years, Buffalo

Concetta Francis GUALTIERI, 50 Years, Niagara Falls

In addition to being charged, the individuals are also bound by a Ministry of Transportation 90-day Administrative Driver’s Licence Suspension and are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle on a roadway. The police encouraged the public to contact the Niagara Regional Police Service Traffic Safety Hotline or Crime Stoppers to report those who are driving in contravention of the suspension.    
Impaired driving is the leading cause of criminal deaths in Canada and affects thousands of lives every year, police said