88-year-old man robbed in Niagara Falls

Photo: NRPS

An 88-year-old man with a walker was robbed by a woman in Niagara Falls

Police say the elderly man, using a mobility walker, was heading westbound on Dunn Street near Dorchester Road in Niagara Falls when a black mini-van pulled up beside him.    

A woman got out of the vehicle and approached him. She had a handful of gold-plated jewelry in her hand and asked the man if he would give her $20-$40 for it so that she could buy gas.  

Although the man did not want the jewelry, police said “he felt bad for the female and agreed to pay her $20 and she gave him two rings.  The suspect pleaded with the victim to give her another $20 which the victim again provided her and he was given two more rings and a chain.” 

The woman grabbed aggressively pulled off the two rings the man wore on his ring finger.  He pleaded with the suspect to not take the rings, as they were his wedding rings from his late wife.  The woman pretended to put the rings in the man’s pant pocket and got in her vehicle and left.  The victim checked his pocket for the rings and realized were not there.  The vehicle was last seen heading westbound on Dunn Street.  

Police say the woman is described as: Female, South Asian 5’10, heavy/muscular build. She wore a dark-coloured Abaya, which is a long loose-fitting garment.  It can be worn along with a head covering by women.

The man described his stolen rings as: One yellow gold band with three diamonds in a straight line on the front. It is valued at $1,200. The second ring is a yellow gold men’s ring with a square top and 9-11 small diamonds on the front. It is valued at $1,200.

Police said three to four children between the ages of 8 to 12 years old were in the back seat of the black mini-van. 

Police ask anyone with information regarding this incident to contact Detective Constable Josh Harris #9667 at 9667@niagarapolice.ca or 905 688 4111 extension 1009667.

Police ask any residents or businesses in the area with closed-circuit security cameras, doorbell video cameras, or dash cameras to review their footage for suspicious activity for the period between 2:45PM and 3:45PM on May 23, 2021.   The victim uses a mobility walker to assist him.

You can provide information anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers of Niagara online or by calling 1-800-222-8477.  Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards to people who contact the program with information that leads to an arrest.