Alcohol permanently allowed with takeout and delivery orders in Ontario

Alcoholic beverages and takeout Alcoholic beverages delivered or taken out with food from Ontario eateries has been made legal permanently

The Ontario government has made the sale of alcohol with food takeout and delivery orders permanent as a way to help support food and drink establishments during the pandemic.

“Ontario’s vibrant hospitality sector and its workers have been hard hit by COVID-19 in every community across our province,” said Attorney General Doug Downey in a release. “We’re building on the actions we took early in the pandemic to support local restaurants, bars and other businesses by providing permanent help to workers and small businesses as they face these ongoing challenges.”

Ontario previously approved some of these changes on a temporary basis to support businesses significantly impacted by the spread of COVID-19. The province is now permanently allowing licensed restaurants and bars to include alcohol with food as part of a takeout or delivery order.

In addition to allowing the sale of alcohol with food orders, the government has also updated the following permanent reforms for hospitality sectors to allow:

  • Alcohol service on docked boats by operators with a liquor sales licence
  • Reduced minimum pricing of spirits consumed on-site, to align with the reduced pricing introduced for takeout and delivery orders
  • The length of time for temporary patio extensions to be set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)
  • For a requirement that ensures third parties delivering from licensed restaurants and bars have a delivery licence

All requirements that apply to the sale of alcohol, service and delivery will apply to boats with liquor licenses and liquor delivery services. These include checking ID, smart serve training, and refusing sale to intoxicated people.

Additional measures implemented to support businesses in Ontario include:

  • Removing restrictive rules to allow for the delivery of alcoholic beverages in food boxes and meal kits
  • Allowing eligible alcohol manufacturers to deliver their own products and charge a delivery fee
  • Allowing restaurants and bars to offer mixed cocktails and growlers as part of a takeout or delivery order
  • Permitting eligible manufacturers to sell spirits and 100 per cent Ontario wine at farmers markets.

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