COVID-19 Update West Niagara

COVID-19 West Niagara Shocked woman in medical mask on Canadian flag background. Flu epidemic and domestic violence in Canada concept

Here are the key statistics on COVID-19 cases for West Niagara communities and area as of 29 June 2020. This data is obtained from Niagara Region Public Health.

Active Covid-19 Cases in West Niagara and Proximity

Date: 29 June, 2020

Grimsby 0.7 per 10,000 of population / 2 active cases
Lincoln 0.4 per 10,000 of population / 2 active cases
Pelham 0.6 per 10,000 of population / 1 active cases
West Lincoln 0.0 per 10,000 of population / 0 active cases
Winona: 51.4 per 10,000 / 5 active cases

Sources: Niagara Health Unit, Hamilton Health Unit