COVID-19 vaccinations have started in Lincoln

United Mennonite Home in Vineland United Mennonite Home in Vineland Photo credit: James Reimer, Google Maps

Niagara Region Public Health is reporting that most of the residents in a long-term care home in Vineland have received a vaccine dose.

It reported that 92.6 per cent of residents at the United Mennonite Home at 4024 Twenty-Third St. in Vineland have been vaccinated. 6.5 per cent of the residents declined vaccination. And 0.9% of residents deferred because of an existing medical condition.

COVID-19 vaccinations that Public Health started a week ago in the Niagara Region now include residents of five facilities that care for the elderly in Grimsby and Lincoln.

NRPH is also now reporting that 100 per cent of residents at Deer Park Villa, a nursing home in Grimsby at 150 Central Ave., have received at least a COVID-19 vaccination doses.

On Tuesday it was reported that 97.5 per cent of residents at Kilean Lodge, at 83 Main St E, also in Grimsby have been vaccinated. The remainder has deferred the vaccination due to a medical reason.

Also on Tuesday, NRPH said residents at Shalom Manor and Gardens has two facilities at 12 Bartlett Ave in Grimsby. It’s Garden Apartments retirement facility has a 77.1 per cent vaccination completion, with 8.6 per cent of residents declining the vaccination. The remainder deferred due to medical conditions. At Shalom Manor 96.3 per cent of residents have had a vaccination with 2.2 per cent refusing a dose and the remainder deferred due to medical condition.

NRPH says 87.5 per cent of long-term care homes in the region have had doses administered. 7.1 per cent of the high-risk retirement homes in the region have residents that have received does.

It also reported that 582 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were administered across the region in the last 24 hours.