Daylight saving time starts early Sunday

DST spring Photo Credit: Big Stock

Daylight saving time for 2021 will begin at 2 AM Sunday morning, March 14. The clocks roll forward an hour in Ontario and across most of Canada.

The lost hour allows Canadians to enjoy an extra hour of daylight as the sun sets later in the day through the spring and summer and fall.

Daylight saving time this year ends at 2 AM on Sunday November 7.

The sunset in Toronto on Sunday will be at 7:23 p.m Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

Most mobile phones and computers and smart watches will change time on their own. Older non-connected clocks around you may need to be changed manually.

Last year, in November, the Ontario government passed legislation that would end the bi-annual changing of clocks, making daylight time permanent in the province. However, the will only happen if Ontario’s provincial neighbours and the states to the south also choose to follow the new permanent daylight savings time.

The Time Amendment Act, authored by Jeremy Roberts, MPP for Ottawa West – Nepean, was passed in the legislature in on its third reading.

Ontario would only enact the motion in if Quebec and New York did as well. Both have shown an interest to do so.

In the U.S., the is a lot of support for the move, but it would require a change at the federal level. Sixteen states — New York, Florida and California–have passed similar legislation.

The so-called “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” was reintroduced last Tuesday by U.S. Senators Marco Rubio, R-Florida; James Lankford, R-Oklahoma; Roy Blunt, R-Missouri; Sheldon Whitehouse, D-Rhode Island; Ron Wyden, D-Oregon; Cindy Hyde-Smith, R-Mississippi; Rick Scott, R-Florida; and Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts.