District School Board of Niagara shares plan for equity in the workplace

DSBN shared new Equity Audit Action Plan. The District School Board of Niagara has published its equity plan online.

The District School Board of Niagara has released its plan is designed to create an inclusive and equitable workplace for staff and students.

The document, called the DSBN Equity Audit Action plan is available online via this link.

“In education, we have the great advantage to build a supportive and progressive environment for our students to grow within,” said Sue Barnett, DSBN Chair of the Board in a media release. “This plan is founded on bringing about positive change that the DSBN believes in.”

The audit consists of three major tasks: An employment systems review (ESR), a workforce census, and a student census.

The ESR and the workplace census were completed in the previous school years. During this ESR process, DSBN examined human resource practices and policies, and the workplace culture from an equity perspective. The workplace census involved surveying over 3,800 staff members to get information on the composition of the workforce. The results from these reviews, helped DSBN create the Employment Equity Plan (EPP).

The EPP will focus on staff education, the creation of an inclusive and respectful culture, and instilling equity into all HR policies and practices.

The student census is taking place this 2020-2021 school year. It will survey DSBN students to get information on the composition of the student population and areas that require further support.

“This is our commitment to ensuring our students have the right foundation to learn and advance their ideas because it’s them who will carry this plan into real, long-term change. That’s the power of this plan,” said Warren Hoshizaki, Director of Education.

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