Grimsby lottery ‘insider’ wins $20K lottery, but has to wait

Instant Cash Club The wait is on for the winner of $20,000 prize from an OLG Instant Cash Club ticket

Grimsby resident Dennis Martin is less than one month away from being able to claim a $20,000 lottery win. But there’s a hitch.

Martin works for an authorized Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation (OLG) retailer, so he has to go through what is called an “insider win” process. Before receiving his prize, he has to clear two steps. The first step, which is enhanced scrutiny by OLG of the prize claim, is complete.

The second step requires a 30-day waiting period. If there are no additional claims to the win by a member of the public, then he will be paid his prize on Oct. 7, 2020.  

The lucky ticket, which revealed a cash prize of $20,000, was from an Instant Cash Club ticket which he purchased from the Petro Canada gas station on South Service Road in Grimsby. It was not purchased or validated at his place of employment.

This insider win process involves investigating and validating the claim and the claimant’s connection to the OLG organization. Once that has been completed, OLG publicizes the win and holds the prize for a 30-day waiting period. If no one comes forward to claim the win after it has been publicized, then the claimant receives it when the waiting period has ended. 

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