It's Back To School Time – A Safety Reminder For All Drivers And Cyclists



ALL motorists must stop and yield the whole crosswalk at: 

Pedestrian crossovers.

Until the crosswalk is empty of both pedestrians and the School Crossing Guard. Signed school crossing locations where there is a Guard displaying a school crossing stop sign.

It’s the Law: Under the Highway Traffic Act

 A motorist can be fined up to $1000.00, plus four demerit points for failing to yield at a pedestrian crosswalk, school crossing, and/or a crossover. An additional charge of Careless Driving can be given for aggressive or careless drivers who put themselves and other road users, such as pedestrians, at risk.  Upon conviction for Careless Driving, a driver may face fines ranging up to $2,000.00, six demerit points, a maximum of six months in jail and a drivers licence suspension of up to two years.


Stop when a Guard signals you to stop.  All drivers and cyclists must comply.

Take notice of and follow all speed limits, especially in school zones.

Only proceed when everyone, Guard included, has returned to the sidewalk.

Parking or stopping in prohibited areas such as school zones is dangerous.


Help keep the Niagara Region’s School Crossing locations safe for all!

This reminder is brought to you on behalf of the Municipal School Crossing Programs Committee of Niagara (City of Niagara Falls, Town of Fort Erie, City of Thorold, Town of Grimsby, City of Welland, Town of Wainfleet, City of Port Colborne, Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, City of St. Catharines, Town of Pelham, Town of Lincoln, and the Town of West Lincoln along with the Niagara Regional Police Service).

“As children return to school for another year of learning, the Niagara Regional Police would like to remind all cyclists and motorists to obey the rules of the road and help keep our youth and crossing guards safe.” ~ Deputy Chief of Police Brett Flynn, NRPS ~ 

For more information, contact:

NRPS Media Relations Officer – Constable Barry Ravenek #9174

(905) 688-4111, option 3, extension #1025010

— OR —

City of Niagara Falls School Crossing Guard Coordinator – Julie Ellis

(905) 356-7521 extension #5212