Lincoln rodent removal program reimburses up to $200

Rodent removal rebate program Got mice or rats? Lincoln launching a new rodent removal program for residents.

The Town of Lincoln has launched a new rodent removal program that covers up to half the cost of exterminating rodents from outside residential homes.

“As the town has a large agricultural component, with many food and water sources, rodents are attracted to this area,” said Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton.

“Town of Lincoln staff recognize the impact rodents can have on a property and identify that this is an area of concern. The rebate program will assist residents in lessening the impact of rodents on their property,” added Lincoln Councillor Adam Russell.  

The Residential Rodent Control Rebate Program will cover 50 per cent (to a maximum of $200) of the cost incurred to have a licensed Ontario exterminator remove rodents from the exterior of your home. The one-year pilot program is only available to residents, in urban areas, for one-time participation annually.

To be eligible for the program, residents are required to submit an intake form and have their property inspected by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. The officer will provide natural suggestions to eliminate the program. For example, bird feeders, gardens, and garbage may be causing the infestation and must be fixed by the property owner prior to applying for the program.

If these natural solutions don’t fix the problem, residents can hire a licensed exterminator.

The selected exterminator must also complete a Contractor Information Form and residents must keep receipts for the application process. The contractor form and receipts must be submitted in JPG or PDF format to the town in person (4800 South Service Road, Beamsville) or via email to [email protected] to apply.

The application will then be processed by town staff. If approved, a cheque of up to $200 will be issued. If denied, a town representative will provide residents with the reason for denial.

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