Lincoln’s street reconstruction project wins Ontario award

Road grader The town of Lincoln wins award for its Thirteenth Street road improvement project

The Town of Lincoln has received a Project of the Year Award from the Ontario Public Works Association for a road improvement project.

The town was recognized along with consultant CIMA for the Thirteenth Street Reconstruction and Slope Stabilizations project.

In 2014, a major rainfall event caused slope failure sites along Thirteenth Street leaving the south site reduced to one lane and the north site completely closed off. The town consulted extensively with the community in order to deliver a reconstruction design that was environmentally and economically sustainable – solving the problem over the long term.  With the ongoing mutual cooperation of key stakeholders, the design team, the construction administration team, the consultant and the contractor, the project finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

“This is an excellent example of innovative, outside-the-box thinking put to work to complete an important part of our town infrastructure. I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and dedication in bringing this project to fruition,” said Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “Through this project, we are meeting one of Council’s strategic priorities to support Connected Communities here in Lincoln.”

Lincoln’s Ward 3 councillors are pleased with the recognition.

“I am so pleased to see the Thirteenth Street project recognized by OPWA, as it is a vital road connection for local area residents,” said Ward 3 Councillor Paul MacPherson. “We listened to residents’ concerns and wishes for the roadway and were able to work together to respond with innovative and sustainable solutions.”

“Council continues to prioritize investments in our road network, and this project is a great example of supporting the natural environment at the same time,” said Ward 3 Councillor Mike Mikolic. “It’s truly a project that reflects the needs of the local community and supports our overall goals as a Council, and I’d like to congratulate everyone for their efforts.”

The project won the OPWA award in the transportation category for a project less than $2 million and was recognized for:

  • Construction management techniques and completion of project ahead of schedule;
  • Demonstrated awareness for a good overall safety program during construction;
  • Community relations to minimize public inconvenience due to construction; and
  • Awareness for the need to protect the environment during the project.

Established in 2001, the OPWA Project of the Year Awards promote excellence in the management and administration of public works projects by recognizing the collaboration between the managing agency, the consultant/engineer, and the contractor who work together to complete a public works project.

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