Man who fled police in West Lincoln may be connected to Beamsville murder

NHS jay jay Rapper NHS Jay Jay

Niagara police said Thursday afternoon a man has been arrested and charged for fleeing police in West Lincoln Monday. There is speculation he is connected to a Beamsville murder, however, no homicide charges have been laid yet.

“While the investigation remains ongoing, there has not been an arrest made in relation to the homicide of 20-year-old Jay Alexander on Sunday, November 1, 2020,” said Const. Jesse Vujasic, spokesperson for the Niagara Regional Police Service.

She added: “One person was taken in to custody in relation to a police investigation at Regional Road 20 from Sixteen Road to Twenty Mile Road. They were subsequently arrested and charged with flight from police as well as charges stemming from warrants issued by Toronto Police.”

The arrest was conducted on a farm between Smithville and St. Anns after police pursued the man on the property using police dogs and deploying a drone.

map of murder investigation
This map shows the location of where Jay Alexander’s body was found in Beamsville,in relation to the location of where a man was arrested on a West Lincoln farm. Is there a connection? Police won’t say as an investigation continues.

The identity of the arrested male is not being released. NRPS detectives are continuing to investigate what, if any, connection he may have to the homicide so as “to protect the integrity of the investigation.”

Alexander was found dead by police in a Beamsville townhome early Sunday morning after gunshots were reported by neighbours. Niagara police called the death a “targeted attack”.

Earlier this week, Niagara Info learned, that before his death Alexander had at least one prior arrest in run-ins with police in Ontario. The Thunder Bay police arrested and charged him along with several others with multiple counts in November 2018. The charges related to drug possession and possession of stolen property over $5,000.

A man with the same name and matching age (19 at the time) was reportedly arrested in Durham Region with three others on 42 charges, including drug and firearm charges, during a traffic stop in February 2020. Niagara Info has not yet been able to confirm if this is the same person. (More info.) Police would not confirm if it is the same Jay Alexander.

It is believed that Alexander performed as a rapper in Toronto under the stage name “NHS Jay Jay”. Niagara police would not confirm the rapper connection or any prior arrests or charges.

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