Niagara Catholic appoints new Chair and Vice Chair

Niagara Catholic Chairs Niagara Catholic District School Board appoints Larry Huibers as Chair and Dan Moody as Vice-Chair during its annual meeting. Photo credit: Niagara Catholic.

The Niagara Catholic District School Board has appointed new Chairs at its annual meeting.

The school board appointed Larry Huibers as Chair and Dan Moody as Vice Chair of the Board during its annual meeting on Dec. 1.

Huibers, trustee for St. Catharines will serve as Chair for 2021 and Moody, trustee for Niagara Falls since 2018, will serve as Vice Chair. In both cases, votes were settled by drawing straws.

During his remarks at the meeting, Huibers commented on the importance of the trustee’s role within school communities. “Our role of trustees is not to be the same, but to be unique and willing to share the gift of our experience and commitment to Catholic education. Through open, honest dialogue, our differences become the strength of the Board,” he said. “All of us that make up Niagara Catholic have an opportunity and an obligation to continue to respect diversity, to support all or students, their families, all staff, and the church community. Together, this is the essence of Niagara Catholic.”

Vice-Chair Moody shared his plans for his new role. “My intentions as Vice-Chair are very straightforward,” he said. “I am here to support our working staff, that’s what we’re supposed to do, and I’m going to make sure that it’s going to get done. You know, I can tell you, but I’ve got to show you, and you’ll see it and I base my reputation on that.

Director of Education Camillo Cipriano also congratulated Huiber and Moody on their new roles and said that he is “confident that they will continue to build upon the foundation laid by the outgoing Chair and Vice-Chair and provide strong, compassionate leadership in 2021.”

Cipriano also thanked previous Chair Frank Fera and Vice Chair Dino Sicoli for their leadership, especially through the past year. “Your experience and confidence steadied the waters for students, staff and families, and on behalf of students and staff, we are grateful for all you have done in service to Niagara Catholic,” said Cipriano.

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