NRPS, OPP & MTO Joint Enforcement Initiative

In an on-going initiative to address community concerns regarding increased commercial motor vehicle traffic in Lincoln and West Lincoln, the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) partnered with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) for a joint enforcement initiative on July 14, 2022.

NRPS, OPP, and MTO officers were positioned to intercept commercial motor vehicles believed to be intentionally by-passing the Truck Inspection Station, which were then stopped, inspected, and directed to the Vineland Truck Inspection Station for further and more in-depth mechanical review.

In addition, officers were focused on vehicles being operated within the community causing excessive noise due to defects or modifications.

Numerous commercial motor vehicles were stopped on rural roads with five re-directed to the Vineland Truck Inspection Station.  A total of 17 charges were laid, 11 vehicles were taken out of service and four licence plates were seized.

The Niagara Regional Police Service remains committed to road safety.  Members of the public wishing to report traffic complaints are encouraged to contact our Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) by telephone at 905-688-4111, option #3, extension #1025555 or by email at [email protected]