October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month; Learn more about pet adoption in West Niagara

Pet adoption guide for west Niagara October is adopt-a-shelter-dog month. Here is how to adopt a dog or cat in West Niagara.

Did you know that October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month? It is also National Animal Safety and Protection Month too. But you don’t need any of those reasons to adopt a furry new friend. You can make up your own reason, or consider one of our reasons in our pet adoption guide.

There are many reasons to adopt a pet, but if you need a key motivation, here are a few:

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of shelter animals are euthanized due to overcrowding. In Canada, however, animals in shelters will not put an animal down due to overcrowding. Still, crowded facilities increase the burden placed on animal welfare organizations and the need for more facility resources.

By adopting a pet, you are freeing up space for more animals in need of help, while giving the adopted animal opportunity to be in a loving home. Additionally, many animals from the U.S. and other parts of the world find refuge in Canadian shelters, which means that adopting a pet may free up space for an animal that may otherwise be euthanized.

Many people want a companion. Or they want to save a life or give an animal another or a better chance at life.

Shelter animals often have very different stories. Some have been saved from abuse and neglect, others were rescued from puppy mills, others may have been surrendered from past owners. Regardless of the back story, adopting often gives the animal a better chance at life and to be part of a loving home.

The animals are not the only ones who benefit from pet adoption. Pets are shown to be good for both your mental and physical health. They help keep you active, make you feel loved, provide companionship, have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, relieve stress, and much more.

Whatever you reason here are the places in West Niagara and area where you can go this month to adopt a new furry friend.

Where to adopt in West Niagara

Lincoln County Human Society

Lincoln County Human Society (LCHS) is a charitable, not-for-profit animal organization run by staff and volunteers dedicated to protecting and supporting the humane treatment of animals since 1881. This is done by providing refuge and treatment for homeless, neglected and suffering animals, finding homes for adoptable pets, pursuing solutions to animal welfare issues, and more.

LCHS services include pet adoptions, rescue and control, animal-assisted therapy, education, spay and neuter program, cruelty and neglect investigations and more.

Adoption info:

LCHS has a variety of animals available for adoption. These include dogs, cats, small mammals and reptiles (ex. birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.).

All dogs and cats adopted through LCHS are spayed/neutered, have received a flea treatment, have been dewormed, microchipped, received up-to-date vaccinations, and have a 30-day trial of pet insurance. Rabbits are also spayed/neutered and have received a flea treatment.

Adoptable animals can be found on the LCHS website along with a description (type, breed, age, gender, colour, etc.), picture(s), requirements and notes from volunteers.

If you are interested in adopting one of the animals, you can call the shelter to book an appointment: 905-682-0767. You can also contact LCHS via email myconnect@lchs.ca.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, LCHS is not open for walk-ins regarding pet availability and viewing at the shelter.

Website: https://lchs.ca/

Adoption prices:

  • Adult cat – $60
  • Kitten (4 months or younger) – $115
  • Adult dog (greater than 25 lbs) – $330
  • Puppy – $385
  • Small adult dog – $385
  • Bunny – $35
  • Guinea pig – $25
  • Budgie – $15
  • Fancy rat – $20
  • Hamster – $15
    • Prices for other animals vary.

There is a $25 non-refundable deposit due when you submit an application to LCHS. It is applied towards an adoption fee once approved. If you are adopting a dog, you have to purchase a license for the municipality before pick up. This can be purchased online at docupet.com or at the shelter, prices vary.

Adoption success story: Finn and Theo

Kyle Hendsbee was not particularly keen on adopting a cat when his wife brought up the idea a few years ago, little did he know he would be adopting his a second cat three years later.

“Our first cat from LCHS was named Finn. We adopted him in 2017 when he was 4, and he was an amazing cat,” said Hendsbee, who lives in Grimsby. “My wife wanted a cat – I did not – but Finn seemed to choose me when we met him. He was friendly and nice and got along great with our two dogs.”

Sadly, Kyle and his family lost Finn to cancer earlier this year. Although this was extremely hard, this loss is what brought a second adopted cat into their lives.

“When Finn passed away, my wife was laid off because of COVID-19, and she saw a picture of a kitten on the LCHS Facebook page, and based on look and description, she had a feeling he’d fit in well. Here we are six months later, and she could not have been more right. Theo is friendly and loving, and fits right in with the dogs the same way Finn did.”

Kyle chose to adopt through LCHS due to the positive reputation it has in the community. “I grew up in St. Catharines and I knew they were a great organization. They’ve been around for as long as I can remember, and they have a great reputation for the way they care for animals, and that is important to us.”

“We had a great experience both times we adopted through LCHS. They were professional, friendly, and easy to communicate with.”

How to donate:

Beamsville4Paw Rescue

Beamsville 4 Paw Rescue is an animal rescue and adoption service helping abandoned, lost, and feral animals find forever homes since 2000. It is run entirely by volunteers that dedicate their time and money to helping animals in and around the Beamsville community.

The organization offers adoptions, spaying and neutering, pet and house sitting, pet parties, fundraisers, events, and more.

Adoption info:

Beamsville4Paw Rescue mainly has kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs for adoption, but sometimes have other animals such as rabbits.

All animals in the organization’s care are spayed/neutered (if possible), up-to-date with vaccines, microchipped, have received a flea treatment, deworming, and veterinary check-up.

Adoptable pets can be found on the Beamsville4Paw Rescue website along with a brief description of the animal. There is no waiting list for pets, so if you are interested in adopting, you can visit the website and fill out an online application. The name of the pet is needed for the application.

Previously, after the form is filled out, interested adopters would come to the next available face-to-face adoption event for an interview. Due to COVID-19, this is no longer possible. Now, interested adopters will receive a call to arrange a date/time for an interview and to meet the pet if necessary qualifications are met.

For additional adoption-related or general inquiries, you can contact Beamsville4Paw Rescue here: info@beamsville4pawrescue.com

Website: http://www.beamsville4pawrescue.com/

Adoption prices:

  • Kitten (under 6 months) – $185+
  • Adult cat – $185+, Cat 6 years or older – $99+
  • Dogs – Start at $575+, Dogs 6 years or older – $275+
  • Other animals – price depend on the type of pet

Adoption success story: Rory and Ebony

When Heather Coleman went to the Beamsville4Paw rescue, she has no idea that the cat she had her eye on would result in two adopted cats.

Rory and Ebony
Rory (right) and Ebony (left), adopted by Heather Coleman and her husband from the Beamsville4Paw Rescue.

“I noticed our black and white cat, Rory on the site and thought she was adorable. I filled in an application and went to see her at an event sponsored by Maggie’s in Beamsville. I found out she came as a pair!” said Heather Coleman, who lives in Beamsville.

Apparently, the two felines came from a cat hoarding situation and might be siblings.

“We couldn’t be happier with our girls! They are energetic, cuddly, conversational kitties! We are ‘in training’ to take them camping with our first trip happening in a few weeks,” she said.

Here cat Rory is named for Rorschach testing because of the splotches on her face. Ebony is self-explanatory.

“I let my husband name them since I was the one who was begging for them! They are a delight. Rory has a great relationship with our dog Jackson (another rescue ) and Ebony… not so much but we can’t love everyone can we?” she said.

How to donate:

Welland and District SPCA and Humane Society:

Welland and District SPCA is an affiliation of the Ontario SPCA, dedicated to supporting and setting PACE (protection, advocacy, care, and education) for animals. The organization strives to help animals by finding them homes, investigating animal cruelty cases, encouraging responsible pet ownership, assisting in enforcing animal welfare laws, educating pet owners, and more.

It also has a stationary and mobile spay and neuter clinic, cat and dog licenses, pet cemetery, and more available to pet owners.

Adoption info:

Welland and District SPCA has kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs available for adoption. These can be found on the Petango website.

Dogs are spayed or neutered when possible, microchipped, up to date with booster shots, have received a rabies vaccine, heartworm, and Lyme test. They offer a two-week trial period and come with six weeks of pet insurance.

Cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, up to date with booster shots, and have received a rabies vaccine. Six weeks of pet insurance is also available for cats and kittens 4 lbs and up.

Traditionally, animals are available for in-person viewing at the shelter and at the adoption centre in Seaway Mall near Center Court, but due to COVID-19, the shelter is open by appointment only.

If you are interested in adopting, Welland and District SPCA can be reached by phone at 905-735-1552 or via email: whs@wellandspca.com.

Website: https://wellandspca.com/

Adoption prices:

  • Dogs – $460 or $550 for long distance rescue dogs
  • Cats and kittens – $235

Adoption success story: Sally

Lu Lenz and her husband are no strangers to pet adoption. Throughout 54 years of marriage they have adopted five dogs, all of them rescues. After the passing of their fourth dog, they started looking online at humane societies in the Niagara area for a mid-size dog, which led them to the Welland and District SPCA.

“Never having dealt with Welland Humane before, we were pleasantly surprised with their helpful manner and knowledge of their canine residents,” said Lenz, a long-time resident of Grimsby.

“Sally caught our eye, and although she was timid, we knew she was a sweetheart,” said Lenz. “The staff answered all our questions, and we filled out all the paperwork. By the time we got home, we had been approved and picked her up the next day.”

Sally from Welland and District Humane Society
Sally, as a puppy, when she was adopted by Lu Lenz and her husband from the Welland and District SPCA in 2016.

Sally came from a high kill centre in West Virginia, making her a very anxious dog needing a dedicated owner to help her open up. Before Lenz found Sally, she had been adopted by a family and returned after two weeks. Nonetheless, Lenz and her husband were up for the challenge.

“She is very confident in the confines of our backyard but terrified of anything outside of that area. We have worked with two trainers, who state that she is very intelligent but her anxiety over-rides everything else. But her sweet, loving nature with her immediate family makes up for the extra work that went into training her.”

“In the end, we became the winners with this sweet little girl.”

Raleigh and Sally
Raleigh (left), at 1.5 years old. Sally (right) at 4 yrs.

Now Sally lives a nice, calm life with Lenz, her husband, Lenz’s daughter, and her dog Raleigh adopted from the Fort Erie Humane Society.

After her experience adopting through the Welland and District SPCA, her daughter’s adoption through the Fort Erie Humane Society, and her years of volunteering at LCHS, Lu has developed an appreciation for the humane societies in the Niagara Region.

“I cannot say enough about the Humane Societies in the Niagara region. They are dedicated to their furry residents. As a life-long animal lover, there is nothing better than having that unconditional love that any animal shares with you, but our dogs are special in that regard,” she said.

How to donate:

Neveah’s Charity of West Lincoln – Cat Rescue

Neveah’s Charity of West Lincoln Cat Rescue is a registered charity and non-profit rescue that services West Lincoln and surrounding areas, spanning from Niagara Falls to Brampton, Ontario. The organization is comprised mainly of volunteers dedicated to taking care of abandoned, neglected, and unwanted shelter cats in the area.

The rescue is named after the strength of the owner’s rescue cat Neveah. At under two months old, she had to undergo several surgeries to get rid of Cuterebras attacking her body. This helped her owners realize how much neglected, abandoned and sick animals need our help.

Adoption info:

Neveah’s cat rescue only has kittens and cats available for adoption. All adult cats are microchipped, spayed or neutered, dewormed, and have received a flea treatment. All kittens have had their first set of shots and have been dewormed and received a flea treatment. An arrangement can be made with adopters to have their cat spayed/neutered at the appropriate time.

Each option also comes with six weeks of free pet insurance.

Adopters must be 21 years or older and not be a student. You can fill out an application found on the website with the name of the cat you are interested in or the type of cat you would be interested in (note: not all available cats are on the website) and send it to this email: neveahscharityofwestlincoln@hotmail.com.

If the application is approved, you can arrange for pickup at a foster home or one of Neveah’s store adoption locations (found here).

Adoption prices:

  • Kittens – $195
  • Cats – $175
  • Feral/barn cat adoption is also available.
    • These cats are spayed/neutered and microchipped. All is required of you is to provide a space for the cat (i.e. barn, warehouse, etc.) and provide the necessary care it needs (i.e. food, vet visits, etc.). More info here.

How to donate:

Website: http://ncwl.weebly.com/

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Niagara Dog Rescue
Niagara Action for Animals
Niagara Falls Humane Society
Fort Erie SPCA
Pets Alive Niagara
Hamilton/Burlington SPCA