Ontario government invests $2M in Beamsville company

Cleanworks announcement Premier Doug Ford at Clean Works Medical in Beamsville announces $2 million investment to help company scale up device that cleans surfaces

The Ontario government is investing $2 million through the Ontario Together program in a local Beamsville company.

The recipient Clean Works Medical and Pure Life Machinery make a product that has its origin in cleaning fruit and vegetables. It has been adapted to clean surfaces to eliminate 99.9% of pathogens, such as the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

The funds will help manufacture a sanitizing device called the Clean Flow Healthcare Mini. The Beamsville-developed device can decontaminate up to 800 N95 masks per hour along with other personal protective equipment.

Clean Works Medical machine
The Clēan Flow Health Care Mini can sanitize up to 800 N95 masks per hour.

“This is an incredible success story about an Ontario apple farmer taking technology used to decontaminate produce and converting it into a device that can decontaminate personal protective equipment,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford. 

The investment money will allow the company to scale up production of their new product.

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