Photo Opp: The Premier comes to Niagara West

The following are photos provided by MPP Sam Oosterhof for Niagara West of this week’s visit by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to the Niagara West riding.

Premier Ford at Cherry Avenue Farms in Vineland
Premier Doug Ford (right) visits Cherry Avenue Farms in Vineland. Pictured with him is Minister Ernie Hardeman, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (center, white shirt), and MPP for Niagara West Sam Oosterhof (far left) and farm owner Tom Moyer (back to the camera)
Premier Doug Ford Visits Niagara Christian Gleaners in Smithville
Premier Doug Ford (center) and MPP Niagara West Sam Oosterhof (right) visit Niagara Christian Gleaners in Smithville (West Lincoln). Hoasting them (left) is Pete Wierenga, Executive Director.