Seven tickets issued in under an hour at problematic Vineland intersection

problematic intersection in vineland Police issue 7 tickets for failing to stop at a stop sign in Vineland in an hour after resident complaints. Photo credit: Google Maps

If you like to roll through stop signs in Vineland, then beware, the police are watching.

The Grimsby detachment of the Niagara Regional Police has been monitoring the intersection at Menno St. and Twenty Third St. in Vineland community, in the town of Lincoln, after complaints to police from local residents were made about drivers failing to obey the stop sign.

A tweet on the social media platform, from the account @8Nrps, which is managed by Niagara Regional Police Service 8 District, which polices West Niagara, revealed it is keeping an eye on the intersection. The officers from 8 District are watching for drivers who roll through the stop sign without stopping.

“Addressing community concerns in the @TownofLincolnON, Officers from @8Nrps addressed stop sign violations today and in less than an hour issued 7 tickets,” said the police tweet.

The tickets issued under the offense “disobey stop sign — fail to stop” include a fine for $110 ($85 plus a victim’s surcharge) and 3 demerit points.

Vineland map of problematic intersection
Map shows location of problematic intersection in Vineland