Toyota Highlanders Stolen from Welland and Pelham

Officers from the 3 District Welland / Pelham office of the Niagara Regional Police Service are investigating multiple thefts of Toyota Highlanders.

Officers have been receiving reports of Toyota Highlanders being stolen from residential driveways over the last 24hrs.   Four have been stolen from Welland and one from Pelham.

In some cases, the vehicles were left locked, and the keys/fob secured in the residence.

Anyone with information about these incidents are asked to contact 3 District detectives at 905-688-4111, option 3, extension 1009221.

Members of the public who wish to provide information anonymously can contact Crime Stoppers of Niagara online or by calling 1-800-222-8477.  Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards to persons who contact the program with information which leads to an arrest.

Click Here for Crime Stoppers Online 

Car Theft Prevention Tips

Members of the public who own Toyota Highlanders should consider:

A personalized GPS tracker for their vehicle Strategically parking the vehicle in a well lit, busy area with good video camera surveillance Motion lighting The use of physical barriers such as gates, garages, fences, or another parked vehicle.

Toyota Tips (Source – Toyota)

Using a Blocking Pouch. A blocking pouch prevents remote access to your key fob. The fob’s radio frequency is isolated, and transmission of the frequency is prevented thanks to the pouch’s metallic lining. These simple, small, and cheap pouches fit most key fobs. Turning off Keyless Entry. The wireless signal transmitted by your key fob can be manually turned off, eliminating the ability of thieves to intercept the signal. Putting on a Steering Wheel Lock. Thieves planning to rely on digital tools to steal your vehicle now face a physical obstacle when a steering wheel lock is in place. Engaging a Vehicle Wheel Clamp. Another physical barrier anti-theft device, a tire clamp or boot means that thieves literally cannot move your vehicle to steal it.