Two cars are stolen, crashed and abandoned in north Grimsby

Crashed abandoned car in Grimsby A Grimsby woman was woken by Niagara Regional Police after a white Chevrolet Impala was crashed into her house and abandoned at around 4:20 am Tuesday morning

Two cars were mysteriously crashed in the early hours of the morning last Tuesday, and abandoned, in a Grimsby lakefront neighbourhood.

A white Chevrolet Impala hit a Grimsby woman’s house, in the Olive St. and Ontario St. area, causing minimal damage to the home’s stone landscaping and to an exterior wall.

Niagara Region Police 8 District officers were called to the scene by a resident behind the house the car collided with. According to the owner of the damaged home, who didn’t want to be identified, the officers knocked on her door waking her at 4:20am Tuesday.

Car crashed and abandoned in Grimsby
A white Chevrolet Impala was crashed and abandoned in north Grimsby.
Source: Google Maps

“The vehicle was unoccupied and still running,” said Const. Jesse Vujasic of the Niagara Regional Police. “There was minor damage to the house and no injuries to the residents inside.”

Despite the unusual situation, the occupants of the home didn’t hear the impact. “We are all heavy sleepers in this house, so it took them three times to get me up,” said the Grimsby resident.

She confirmed a neighbour had heard the crash and called police. “They heard a horrible sound – a boom – that is how police was contacted,” she explained.

Beside the landscape damage, the car chipped the house’s brick exterior. “It slid down the side of my house. There was white paint from the car and it scraped down side of my house. There were pieces of car everywhere,” said the homeowner.

The car’s air bags were not deployed, and given the minimal damage, the resident doesn’t believe the car was going very fast when it struck her home.

“The officer told me – and this is the weird part – there were three vehicles stolen in the area and they all crashed,” said the resident.

On follow-up, police reported that only a second crashed vehicle was found nearby. “Further investigation revealed that a second vehicle had been stolen from a nearby residence and had also been involved in a motor vehicle collision before being abandoned by the suspect,” said Vujasic.

Despite the strange incident, the homeowner, was upbeat about what happened. “It was a fluke. I had a disastrous year already so this is really low on the stuff I have had to deal with. I am just glad nobody was hurt. And it doesn’t seem like there is too much damage. You just got to keep moving forward,” she said.

Police say the investigation remains ongoing. “Residents are reminded to remove the keys and lock their vehicles when they are not in use,” said Vujasic.