West Niagara is a little less peachy this year

August 2020 a little less peachy for West Niagara residents Bad weather and COVID-19 restrictions has hurt the pick your own peaches experience at West Niagara farms this year

Pick your own peach events are limited in West Niagara this August due to a combination of strict COVID-19 safety measures and bad weather.

Two Century Farms, located at 400 Main Street West in Grimsby, usually holds pick your own peaches days at harvest time, however, this year the farm is not hosting its annual event due to the pandemic.

Bridgmans’ Farm, located at 20 Bridgman Ln in Winona, is a popular pick your own peaches site, however this year it has a limited quantity of peaches available for picking. The farm was booking pick-your-own peaches clients by appointment only for Saturday (Aug. 22), but due to an abundance of requests, slots have already been filled.

There is good news, however, for residents still eager to participate in one of the area’s most popular summer pastimes. You can try to secure a spot at Cherry Avenue Farms. Early varieties of peaches have already been picked, but the farm has one more load currently ripening on the trees.

“Unfortunately, we had less fruit this year. But there will be one other time to pick,” a Cherry Avenue Farms representative told Niagara Info.

“It might happen on Sunday. It’s best to call then and check before coming to the farm. The fruit might also be ready Monday or Tuesday. Check back. They’ll go fast,” said a woman who answered the phone at Beamsville’s Cherry Avenue Farms, located at 4303 Cherry Avenue in Lincoln.

Cold weather conditions in Niagara Region led to fewer peaches this year at Cherry Avenue Farms. In May, the area was hit with three nights of frost. This impacted the number of blossoms on the trees. The frost was then followed by a damaging hail storm. Sadly, it knocked many peaches off the branches.

If you are up for a drive, head to Niagara-on-the-Lake for one other possible peach picking opportunity at Parkway Orchards, located at 15000 Niagara Pkwy in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Once again, it’s first come first serve. This year’s weather conditions also shrunk the crop available at Parkway Orchards. The farm is likely to offer pick your own peaches on the last weekend in August.

The peaches at both Cherry Avenue Farms and Parkway Orchards will only be available when they are at the perfect ripeness, so the exact date for pick your own is unknown.

If you want a pick-your-own spot, call Cherry Avenue Farms at 905-562-5481 starting this Sunday Aug. 23 and then check back if they are not yet available.

Parkway Orchards asks that anyone who wishes to pick on the weekend of Aug. 29-30, check its website at ParkwayOrchards.com for the latest updates before visiting the farm.

Baskets of peaches are still plentiful however, and available for purchase, at many of the stores and roadside stalls owned by the various West Niagara farms. They are also available weekly at the Grimsby Farmers Market and Stoney Creek Farmers Market on Thursdays.

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