Beamsville firefighters respond to downtown fuel spill

Beamsville fuel spill The Beamsville fire department responds to a downtown fuel spill that impacted several local roads. Photo credit: Bryan Caballero

A fuel spill from an unknown truck disrupted traffic Thursday morning in downtown Beamsville.

The Beamsville fire department responded to a call at 10:15 am to deal with spilled diesel fuel from what is believed to be a leaking tank on a truck.

The spill extended down Mountain St. and pooled at the intersection of King St. It continued along King St., and north along Ontario Street to an area near the QEW.  A small quantity of fuel also entered a storm sewer catch basin.

Beamsville Fire Chief Greg Hudson said in a statement: “Firefighters used absorbent material to contain the spill, and contacted the Niagara Region, who attended for the clean-up operation along these Regional Roads.  The spill was reported to the Ministry of Environment Spills Action Centre and Niagara Regional Police also attended the scene.”

The identity of the vehicle that caused the spill is unknown. There is no threat to the public, and no town roads were involved, said Hudson.